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A Son to The Late Kijana Wamalwa Is Dead

One of the sons in the family of the late Michael Kijana Wamalwa is dead.

William Wamalwa Senior died on Sunday evening out of unclear circumstances. Close friends allege the goner was high on alcohol before he lost consciousness.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital in their Milimani home where he lost his life on arrival.

“It so depressing to have lost him on such a manner”, a sibling.

The family of the late vice president has been experiencing tussles since his death 16 years ago, navigating through courts to solve the problems in relation to the distribution of the late’s wealth.

The Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa has been in most cases accused of taking sides with one of the wife’s in the Kijana Wamalwa’s family, disadvantaging the other members of the family over equal sharing of wealth.

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