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A South African Legislator Admires Kenyan Politicians Due To Their Lavish Lifestyles

As everyone label the local politicians as greedy, corrupt, self-centered and devoid of any development plans, there are others out there who cherish the lifestyles they flaunt and ever dream to be like them.

A South African member of parliament toured the country and was hosted by a local nominated senator. While in the country, the MP was puzzled to experience Kenyan politicians leading life like kings.

Hon. kwankwa of the SA parliament.

The MP whose name is Nqabayomzi Kwankwa spent time with Senator Isaac Mwaura and he just could not hold back his bafflement of the status the local politicians have earned.

He took to twitter to ‘regret’ why and how he got himself in the Mzansi nation while his Kenyan counterparts live large here.

“Spending a day with Hon. Dr. Mwaura today in Nairobi, I realize that I am an MP for a wrong country. MPs here have a driver, a bodyguard, a PA, a researcher, a communications officer, and an admin assistant,” Hon. Kwankwa noted.

“In South Africa, we fend for ourselves. We don’t even have PAs,” he added.

The MP was in the country to grace a consultative meeting organized by the legislators from the East Africa region.

Hon. Kwankwa is believed to be taking home close to R80,000 (equaling Ksh 540,000) every month as opposed to the Kenyan counterparts who pocket more than and other benefits in addition.

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Below is how his tweet drew reactions:

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