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AUDIO: 63 Confirmed Cases in Kenya? Mbagathi Hospital

There has been an audio clip circulating around social media platforms which claims that there are 63 confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) at Mbagathi Hospital.

The audio clip is that of an unknown official addressing the press by allegedly confirming that there are 63 cases in the country and have been quarantined at Mbagathi Hospital. It goes on to say that the country’s four major towns (Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, and Mombasa) have been affected by the outbreak.

The unidentified government official is heard asking Kenyans to remain calm and that the government has beefed up surveillance in all entry points to avoid new infections. cannot verify any claims made on this audio nor can we verify the source of the audio clip.

Listen to the clip below:

The government, through the Ministry of Health and its spokesperson, has refuted such claims saying that it was “shared as part of a simulation exercise”. This exercise was carried out during the Crisis Communication training on COVID-19, in Machakos County over the weekend.

A similar letter from the Government’s Spokesperson, Retired Colonel Cyrus Oguna also refutes the claims but gives a different explanation. According to Oguna, the clip has been forwarded to the Cybercrime Unit at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for investigations and the suspects spreading the clip to be arrested.

The government wishes to remind the public that it is a criminal offense to impersonate Government officials. It is also criminal to spread such malicious and alarmist statements through social and digital channels.

These fake and alarmist rumours hae been forwarded to the Cybercrime Unit at DCI for investigation, arrest, and prosecution of the authors and those spreading the same

Cyrus Oguna

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