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Blogger Mutai, Lawyer Ombeta in Heated Twitter Spat Over Quiver Lounge Shooting Incident

Renowned city lawyer Cliff Ombeta has hit out at blogger Abraham Mutai for questioning his professional track record, after he appeared as the official lawyer for Dickson Mararo; the man behind the Quiver Lounge shooting.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Abraham questioned whether Ombeta practices law, arguing that he only sees him when criminal cases pop up.

“I only see Cliff Obeta during the arrests and bail applications for criminals. I have not seen the good lawyer during active cases in court. Especially at the conclusion or judgement. Does Cliff Obeta practice law?” Mutai tweeted.

In his response, Ombeta appeared to suggest that Mutai relies on handouts paid to bloggers to push certain narratives, and offered to send him 500 bob.

“I have only seen you on Twitter, and even in there you are mediocre. Nikutumie ksh 527/-. I have also been informed that you sell dvd’s and socks. Please advertise here we buy,” Ombeta tweeted.

Responding to Ombeta, Mutai claimed that the lawyer was getting cash from drug lords and other criminals.

 “Something I finally agree with you. Mediocre lawyers never win cases beyond bail applications after arrests. As of 527/- pesa ni pesa boss. Unataka nikatae? You are taking money from Drug Lords like Akashas and Murderers but unataka nikatae pesa Yako? I’m no idiot bro. Tuma!

Lawyer Ombeta has been a top trend on Twitter from Monday evening when he appeared with Mararo at the DCI headquarters, where the latter surrendered.

Mararo is accused of shooting two police officers and a woman at Quiver Lounge in Kasarani, last Friday.

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