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Call For Review: Atheists Reject The New Census Data Released By KNBS

The Atheists in Kenya association is an angry lot after ‘confirming’ their members were not counted and the number put forward that they are 700,000 is an undercount.

As far as the Friday report is concerned, the country has a number of 755,750 people who do not believe in the existence of God.

As per their knowledge, the AIK understands they are about 1.5 million in number and the new statistics which has lowered their number is intended at blackmailing them.

“We find these statistics to be grossly inaccurate and not fit for purpose. We contend that we have well over 1.5 million atheists in Kenya, and the number is growing steadily. An independent survey of our members has revealed that some KNBS employees deliberately skipped asking whether one is an atheist during the 2019 census. We have evidence that many atheists were undercounted and miscounted,” AIK said.

The 2019 census report shows the nonbelievers being 755,000 across the country, that being a drop from 922,128 as per the records of the 2009 census.

“We find it odd that the 2019 census report indicates that the number of atheists had declined by almost 200,000 in a span of 10 years, yet the population of Kenya has increased by 10 million over the same period,” AIK added in a statement signed by Harrison Mumia.

With Harrison Mumia as its president, the AIK is in doubts with the credibility and inaccuracy of KNBS and now want a review of the statistics and the report in whole.

Kilifi County has been shown as the one leading in the number of atheists, having 146,669 individuals.

Nakuru follows with 67,640, Nairobi falling in the third-place with 54,841, Narok fourth-placed with 45,617, Kimabu with 30,770, Kitui 23,778, Meru 20,985 and then follows Mombasa with 11,148 atheists.

The new report shows Christianity and Islam lead in the number of believers.

About 319,727 form the traditionalists, and 60,287 being the Hindu.

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