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Church Allows Taking Alcohol & Weed During Service

Churches are synonymous with people acting accordingly as to what God sees fit in his place of worship. People dress decently, behave politely, and are known to be respectful towards other people. However, there is a church in South Africa that seems to embrace the act of drinking alcohol during church service.

The church’s motto is “Praise the Lord and pass the libation”. Located in Gabola, Johannesburg, the congregants and the pastors are allowed to drink freely while praising The Creator of the Universe.

Alcohol is allowed to be consumed during sermons with bottles of beer, whisky, and wine anointed by the church’s founder Bishop Tsietsi Makiti.


Makiti says that he has a good reason for allowing drinking in his church. He says it is meant to welcome drinkers who had been rejected by traditional churches, providing a safe place to drink and also worship God.

Baptisms in the church are performed using the preferred alcoholic drink of parishioners.

If you drink beer, you get baptized in beer. The same goes for those who drink cider and other alcoholic beverages,

Bishop Matiki

The bishop also mentioned that the church prays for the drinks before they are served. Cigars, cigarettes, and marijuana are also believed to be permitted in the church.

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