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DCI Arrest 14-Year-Old in Connection With Murder Of Pamoja FM Journalist

A 14-year-old juvenile was arrested by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in connection to the gruesome murder of Pamoja FM journalist Mohammed Hassan Marjan.

The High Court has allowed police to hold for nine days a man suspected of killing Pamoja FM journalist Mohammed Hassan Marjan last Monday.

Juma Hussein Mohammed was arraigned before a Milimani court. Police asked the court to allow them to continue holding him for nine more days.

The court heard that investigations into the murder were still ongoing and Juma was yet to record a statement with the police.

Police also told the court that the suspect had not been taken for mental assessment.

Marjan, who was a journalist at the community radio station based in Kibera, was killed under unclear circumstances.

He was killed at 4am near his home as he was coming from the studio after hosting a night show on Islamic teachings on Ramadhan.

It is alleged that from CCTV footage obtained by police, Marjan is seen being attacked by a gang of six who stabbed him to death.

After the attack that is said to have occurred near Kibera law courts, irate members of the public conducted a manhunt and one man suspected to be part of the attackers was lynched.

Marjan’s bag, which had his belongings, was recovered outside a house near the place where he was murdered.

His family says during Ramadhan in past years, Marjan, who had been at Pamoja FM since 2016, spent whole nights in the studio teaching about Ramadhan.

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