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EXCLUSIVE: Video – Collapsing Kenya Airways Cabin Wall Held Together By Sellotape. How Safe Are We?

A new video seen by shows a Kenyan Airways aircraft’s cabin wall being held to the floor using some sellotape.

The video shows the cabin of Kenya Airways aircraft 5Y-KZC being held together by heavy sellotape. The tape was put at the joint of the cabin wall and the cabin floor. It is believed that the video was taken just before the aircraft took off.

According to our source, the aircraft is still operating despite it being in poor conditions. This puts passengers at risk as the cabin is pumped with compressed air for the comfort of the occupants.

This is especially important when an aircraft reaches a certain altitude since natural atmospheric pressure would be too low to supply sufficient oxygen.

It is also seen in the video that the aircraft’s cabin is dirty. This alarming fact adds on to the list of risks the passengers are already exposed to.

Watch the video below:

Some questions now arise about the safety of passengers using Kenya’s flagship airline. How did the aircraft pass safety regulations and be allowed to fly commercial passengers? How safe are passengers when they use Kenya Airways?

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