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Flirty Carlos Receives Death Threats After Exposing His Cheating Girlfriend (VIDEO)

Popular dancer Flirty Carlos is a man living in distress after the friends of his ex girlfriend threatened to kill him for exposing her infidelity.

The dancer received a call from an unidentified man, threatening to physically harm him after he ran a video on a YouTube channel owned by the renown teen celebrities Film Stylist.

The video, titled Flirty Carlos breaks up with his girlfriend, has since mustered 13,000 views, with concerned fans asking the social media influencer, famed for his dancing craft, to file a case with the authorities.

Carlos claimed that his unsuspecting girlfriend called him thinking she was calling her side-dish. The dancer handed the phone to Cocktail Fire, one of the Film Stylist crew members, to avoid being identified by his cheating girlfriend.

The clearly drunk lass started flirting with Cocktail, oblivious of the fact that her boyfriend was listening in. She was deeply engrossed with the flattering and even offered to sleep with Cocktail.

The busted girlfriend later reached out to a defiant Carlos, begging for forgiveness and audience to prove her innocence.

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