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Fugitive Killer Cop Caroline Kangogo Kills Herself

Caroline Kangogo, the fugitive police officer wanted for murder has reportedly committed suicide inside her parent’s home in Nyawa, Elgeyo Marakwet.

Rift Valley Regional Police Commissioner George Natembeya confirmed the shocking conclusion to the story of a killer policewoman who made headlines after killing two men and eluding police dragnets.

Corporal Kangogo, according to Natembeya, shot herself in the head inside her mother’s bathroom.

“Amejiua asubuhi ya leo, alionekana asubuhi hivi, aliingia kwa zile bathroom za nje akajipiga risasi,” Commisioner Natembeya said.

Police officers alerted to the matter rushed to her home where a gun believed to have been used in the murder of two men in Nakuru and Kiambu counties was recovered.

According to reports, she was seen getting into her parent’s home early Friday and was later discovered dead inside a bathroom that was open. 

It is not clear whether she managed to speak to any of her family members before killing herself.

A photo circulated on social media showed a woman believed to be Kangogo dressed in black pants, a mustard sweater, and a black veil covering her face seated on a pool of blood on the floor of what police have now confirmed is a bathroom.

Her legs are crossed, and she has a pistol close to her left arm.

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