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Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe Issues A Coronavirus Update

Cabinet Secretary for Health Mutahi Kagwe today addressed a press conference flanked with county governors. The address was aimed at issuing an update on coronavirus. The former Nyeri Senator appeared irked by the recent discriminatory acts against Chinese tourists in Kenya.

He said these acts put the 3000 Kenyans and other Africans trapped in China in great danger if Chinese locals were to retaliate. Mutahi Kagwe issued an appeal to Kenyans reminding them that Africans have the worst history of discrimination cases and should not therefore be at the forefront of such an inhuman act.

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The Cabinet Minister however assured Kenyans that the government will continue carrying out surveillance and protecting them from the disease. He maintains that Kenyans must appreciate the fact that not everyone hailing form the Asian continent is infected by the deadly virus.

He continued to issue a stern warning to anybody spreading malicious and alarmist information about the virus on social media. Kagwe reminded the rumormongers that it is a criminal offence to spread such fake news that could cause panic among locals.

GOK’s warning to people spreading malicious information

Mutahi Kagwe issued an update confirming reported cases of corona virus. He agreed that there was a case yesterday at the UN offices in Nairobi. The minister said that all reported cases far have tested negative and there is no cause for alarm. He encouraged Kenyans tro keep praying for there is no positive case of coronavirus.

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