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How Impotent Kiambu Man Killed Himself and His Wife After She Came Home Pregnant

The story of Kiambu Businessman Jonathan Mukundi and that of his wife Philomena Njeri has been making the headlines for the past few days after the man reportedly killed his wife before he turned the gun on himself. 

According to curious neighbors, the two had not been blessed with a child together and this often resulted in quarrels. It now turns out that Jonathan Mukundi was impotent and had disguised his condition by claiming that he did not want a family.

His stance often led to squabbles between him and his wife given that she desperately needed a family. The two often got back together after separation. 

According to one neighbor, Mukundi was very angry when he learned that his wife was using his money to make other men happy. Mukundi used to travel in and out of the country, often thus allowed the wife to run his spare part business. 

He reportedly opened a shop for her in Mlolongo where business is said to have been booming. 

On returning to Kenya, he found out that Njeri had a secret lover who she had even opened a shop for in the vicinity. 

According to her friend, this did not settle well with Mukundi. Mukundi also found out that his wife was building a five storey building behind his back.

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