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Jimal Opens Up About His Life After Amira Exposed How He Depends On Loans To Sustain Expensive Lifestyle

Matatu Owners Association Vice Chairman Jimal Marlow has opened up about his private life after his first wife exposed how he depends on bank loans to sustain his flamboyant lifestyle. Jimal’s marriage life has been compounded with controversy as his two wives, Amber and Amira, have an unending rivalry.

The warpath has led to the exposure of his secrets to all and sundry, given that his wives enjoy large following on their social media platforms. His first wife, while speaking to blogger Edgar Obare, alleged that their husband is not as rich as he purports. Amira revealed that the businessman depends on loans and debts to sustain his lavish lifestyle.

Days after Amira’s damning revelations, Jimal gave a subtle reply. The businessman neither denied nor accepted that he depended on loans.

Jimal has today taken to his social media accounts to address the issue once and for all. The father of three has accepted that he needs loans to finance his business.

” I will not lie, I take loans to finance my businesses. Every businessperson in this country that has a humble background, you have to take a loan to raise yourself to go higher,” he said.

The businessman, in a long post, accepted that he owes three banks large sums of money. Jimal revealed that he owes Ksh 150M, Ksh 80M and Ksh 90M respectively to three different banks. He further adds that such large amounts can only be loaned to a businessperson with reliable revenue streams.

” I owe Kes 150M in loans to a bank and another Kes 80M and another Kes 90M. If you owe three banks that amount then you have a good income to sustain those loans. A bank is not your mother’s house to check in and they will just front you the cash. They have to look at your net worth, assets and then decide to give you a loan,” he added.

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