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KDF Soldiers Hid As Al-Shabaab Killed Americans-New York Times.

Al Shabaab fighters ran riot on an American surveillance plane that was about to take off in Manda Bay, Kenya. An hourslong gunfire exchange ensued claiming the lives of three American soldiers. The airstrip was also gutted by fire after several explosives were launched by the terrorists.

Manda Bay after the attack

In a damning NewYork Times report, American commandos who were found unawares took close to an hour to retaliate. The American media outlet disclosed that the Kenyan troops assigned to offer defence at the base hid in the grass leaving the US troops on their own defence.

These reports have so far been rubbished by Kenyans. New York Times insists that the American soldiers were left exposed and lacked medical support forcing them to fly wounded troops to a far off neighbouring Djibouti.

Kenyan troops

The Manda Bay attack occurred hours after the US killed a powerful army commander in Iran. Most security analysts tried linking the attack to the slain Iranian soldier. Al Shabab later confirmed that the raid had nothing to do with the US-Iran standoff.

US Troops

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