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Kenyan Couple Discover They Are Brother And Sister Days Before Marriage

Yvonne Wakio and Bill Kiplagat (not their real names) amidst their endeavours in the shoe business and before they knew it, they were already in love. The two were shocked to know they are brothers and sisters.

During their customary family introductions, the unthinkable happened, their parents told them to call off the relationship since they had blood relations.

Bill’s father had previously been in a relation with Yvonne’s mother leading to her birth, thus making them half-siblings.They were, however, oblivious of their blood relations since they had never seen each other.

Yvonne and her boyfriend Bill(not their real names) dated each other for some time.The two felt time was ripe for them to take their relationship higher.

Bill Kiplagat decided to introduce his fiancee’ to his parents in a bid to kick start their marriage plans. Their parents ordered them to call off the plans owing to their relation.

After I took her for introduction to my parents, I was told my father had another wife and we were thus brother and sister

Kiplagat narrated painfully

The two lovebirds had their hearts and dreams together shattered. Bill confesses that they had come a long way after meeting in the shoe business.The lady came by as a customer ordering a pair of footwear from Bill and the rest became history.

I cannot even fall in love with another person because I am scared he will also turn out to be my relative

said a heartbroken Yvonne.

Netizens were left wondering who to lay the blame for this unfortunate incident on. A clergyman from AIC Rungiri Parish told Kameme TV that parents of nowadays have diregarded the essence of the family get-together culture.

Parents should take it upon themselves for their children to know each other and this is only possible in family get-togethers. They should do it even if its once a year so that children can know their kin

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