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KOT Call For Sacking Of Kamene Goro After Her Insensitive Post About People Living Mental Illness

Kiss 100 radio host Kamene Goro is currently under fire after what Kenyans on twitter have labelled an insensitive post. The radio host is accused of ridiculing people living with mental illness, in an Instagram post that she has since deleted.

“Mental health na hamna akili,” read her post.

Kenyans on Twitter have called on Kamene’s employers, Radio Africa Group, to take disciplinary actions on the presenter. The Radio Africa group has often heeded to such outcries in occasions where their employees were found guilty of infringing media ethics.

Early this year, the media house sacked Shaffie Weru and DJ Joe Mfalme after they were accused of mocking a victim of gender based violence. It is on this backdrop that netizens have based their call for Kamene’s firing.

Here are some of the reactions online:

Lloyd Onyango: Shaffie Weru and DJ Joe Mfalme had thier contracts terminated for a lesser crime than Kamene Goro’s. Sponsor culture and attitude is something you choose for yourself as a man/lady BUT mental health you don’t havea choice. Kamene Goro should retract and apologize. @Osama_otero

Bravin Yuri: This post by Kamene Goro has since been deleted. I would however like to tell Kamene that there is nothing funny about making fun of Mental Health. There is already too much Stigma towards people who are undergoing mental health challenges. Use your platform for the better.

Drey Mwangi: What Kamene Goro has posted just triggered my PTSD & anxiety.I used to look upto her since i wanted to be on radio so bad, turns out the people who can encourage us about mental health are just bullies hiding behind radio.

Osama Otero: I have so many friends battling mental health. Mental health is a very serious issue which needs to be looked upon. What @KameneGoro has just posted really makes me feel so bad. 😭💔

Gus.Fring: Mental Health is not something to be joked about, someone tell Kamene Goro!

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