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Man In Kisii County Kills Brother After Catching Him Sleeping With His Mom

One man in Kegati Village, Kisii County has been killed by his younger brother who claims he caught him having sex with his own mother.

The younger brother had gone to check on his mother on Sunday at around 9 pm but did not find her. He came back at 11 pm when he heard people talking in the house.

His attempts to call his mother proved futile forcing him to break one window of the house. This is when he found his mother and elder brother in bed. The two were allegedly drunk and couldn’t identify who broke the window.

The elder brother tried to escape but was attacked by the younger sibling who was armed with a panga. One witness said that they found the deceased seriously injured while the mother was still in bed drunk.

When we arrived we found the deceased seriously injured and his mother was in bed drunk. When police officers arrived about three hours later, he had already succumbed to the injuries


Reports indicate that the deceased had been having an intimate affair with the mother for some time and was known to the public. The sister reports that he used to stay late into the night and was not married.

The father, who hasn’t been home for the last two months, works in Nairobi County. Kisii County Police Commander Jebel Ngere said that the woman was arrested and is assisting police with investigations while the suspect remains at large.

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