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Man Stripped By Sex Worker(s) After Failing To Pay For Services On Mashujaa Day

What was supposed to be paradise turned into hell for a man in Kakamega after he failed to pay kes 300 after being served by a sex worker in the town.

The two are said to have met on Tuesday morning and spent the better of the day engaging in debauchery before retreating to a lodging they had booked to spend the night.

Before engaging each other intimately, the two had reached at kes 300 as the cost of the rumpy-pumpy and the man was good with it, the woman getting it ready to roll.

After the enjoyment the 30+-year-old man refused to honor the agreement, causing the woman to go berserk on him.

The incident caused a stir in the unidentified lodging -in Kakamega attracting the attention of onlookers who would not hide their bafflement.

With the embarrassment caused to him, the man denied having intercourse with the woman, saying he owed her nothing and that they had been friends.

“I did not have sexual intercourse with her. She is a good friend. She is a nice lady, whom I have the greatest respect for. Out of that respect, I couldn’t sleep with her,” the man defended himself.

The woman would not let it go even on the mention of her being friends with the said client, insisting on maintaining the circus until her dues have been settled.

It took the initiative of a well-wisher who offered to settle the kes 300 debt on behalf of the man. Upon receiving the money the woman calmed down letting off her wayward client.

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