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Meet The Woman with 31 Fingers and Toes

A woman has entered the Guinness World Book of Records for having the highest number of fingers and toes in the world.

Kumari Nayak, 63, was born with 31 fingers and toes; 19 toes and 12 fingers. She has polydactylism, a common abnormality at birth where an individual has extra fingers and toes.

She, however, has spent her entire life hiding at home after being branded a witch by her cruel neighbours. Kumari notes that her condition had plagued her for the entirety of her life and often feels forced to stay inside.

Kumari was born with 12 fingers and 19 toes

Living in Ganjam district in Odisha, India, she was born with the defect and couldn’t be treated as she belonged to a poor family. According to her, she doesn’t have enough money to get medical treatment and notes that her neighbours call her a witch and avoid her in the street.

The residents nearby, who are too much into blind faiths, believe that I am a witch and keep away from me. They sometimes come to see my condition – but never help.

Kumari Nayak

Indian government officials have heard her plight and have offered her a home and a pension. They are also making attempts to spread awareness among her neighbours.

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