Miguna Miguna Makes Peace With Dennis Itumbi As They Join To Back Uhuru’s Impeachment

Former State House digital strategist Dennis Itumbi on Monday apologized to Miguna Miguna over his tribulations in 2018 when he was forcefully ejected out of the country.

The lawyer faced his woes after he had offered to administer an oath the state deemed unlawful to Raila Odinga after the latter refused to concede defeat in the 2017 presidential vote.

Dennis Itumbi, a revered darling of the state then, was on record to cheer Miguna’s woes terming the swearing Miguna administered at Uhuru Park as high sedition and that he deserved more than what he was made to go through before his unceremonious deportation.

Two years on, Itumbi now out of the government has confessed his role in Miguna’s woes and now seeks to apologize to him.

Itumbi besides the apology has offered to support and fight for Miguna’s return into the country.

Hours later, Miguna accepted the apology, being thankful to Itumbi and his clique for having been ultimately eye-opened and getting ready to challenge the dispensation in Nairobi which the Judiciary faults for being authoritarian and notorious in flouting court orders.

The Law Society of Kenya under the stewardship of Nelson Havi is seeking President Kenyatta’s ouster after his government allegedly suppressed the rule of law and consequently deterring the course of administration of justice in the country.

On Monday, Chief Justice David Maraga who is also the President of the Kenyan Judiciary accused the executive of depicting the tendencies of a dictatorship after sabotaging an enabling environment for Judiciary to operate.

The battle is yet to gain momentum!

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