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Multimedia University Student Fakes Her Death, Raises Thousands For Her Own Funeral

A female student from Multimedia University created her own death to fleece her varsity colleagues money.

Exposed by a friend, the student uses Winnie Lochok as her name on social media.

Using her closest friends, Winnie coached them on how to respond whenever one calls her phones to confirm her “death”.

The friends would tell any caller that she died of migraine and had been taken to a morgue in Meru.

The friends who happen to be two ladies formed up a WhatsApp group to mobilize Winnie’s friends to contribute to her “burial” expenses. Still surprised about the sudden death, some of Winnie’s friends decided to go off the grain to find the fairy tale in this whole saga.

One of them knowing where she worked, she wanted to confirm from her bosses whether they were aware of their employee’s “death”.

Winnie’s boss confirmed she was alive and had been reporting to work. To test the ladies’ wit in the WhatsApp group, the friend who had enquired from the boss insisted that the boss be added on the WhatsApp group, something the admins would not allow. At the time money was being contributed to support the “burial” program.

Winnie’s father was informed on the saddening news of her daughter’s “death” which he also believed and even was ready to cooperate with the friends to arrange the funeral.

On noticing the game had been busted, she moved to Kisumu to enjoy the little she had amassed. She conned her friends and not forgetting her father thousands of shillings, in her defense she says she had lost her phone and was not aware of what was going on.

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