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Mwalimu Rachel Speaks Of The Squabble With The Sailors Group, Why She Demands 1.5 Million From Them

Mwalimu Rachel has broken her silence over wrangles with sailors group which sought to cut ties with her as their manager.

The group claimed that Rachel, who is also a presenter at the NRG radio, had denied them access to their YouTube channel until they part with some ransom.

The group through their lead singer Miracle Baby said the presenter had refused to give them the login credentials for their YouTube account -and other platforms until they hand her kes 1.5 million.

The story put Mwalimu Rachel under fire, tweeps castigating her for exploitation, and dishonestly capitalizing on the efforts of the boys’ group.

Rachel has defended herself saying Sailors in the first place breached on the contract they initially had together.

“Sailors, led by Miracle Baby, approached a record company and signed a deal with them. Without my knowledge. I was just told by one of the record company’s reps that contracts had been signed and it was a done deal. Wow. Just like that. Ok… Did they even know what they were signing? Did they take the contracts to a lawyer? I highly doubt that but, no need to cry over spilled milk. It was done,” She said.

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She informed that the reason for her to hold on the credentials for all their social media platforms was after the new company Sailors had signed to work with demanded to run the platforms without any mutual consensus with her (Mwalimu Rachel’s) team.

“The problem came when they wanted Sailors login’s to their social media platforms, including YouTube. As a business, that has no binding contract or agreement with a third party, would it really make sense to just hand over logins? The simple answer is, no,” Mwalimu Rachel.

Upon their nagging to have the logins, Mwalimu Rachel thought it sound to have them pay the amount (1.5m) which she insists was being charged on the new label but not the artists.

“This record label saw it fit to ask me to sell them the YouTube channel for 100K. As a way of getting them off my back, I said the estimated value of that channel and the work my team and I put in it, is 1.5 Million (I’m starting to think I underquoted lol) I was charging the record label that wanted to take ownership of this channel, NOT Sailors,” the NRG presenter added.

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