Nick Odhiambo’s, Fiancé Loses Newborn Baby

Popular radio presenter Nick Odhiambo is mourning following the death of his three-day-old son.

Through his Twitter page, the media personality disclosed thst his son succumbed on June 28, 2021.

He did not state the cause of his little son’s death.

“What a short lived joy! Born Friday 25th June- 28th June 2021…been celebrating you and giving mom space to heal then I’m told you were buried yesterday and just seen your new home! #RiPSoN I have cried my eyes out asking why? Lil’Kyeon,” wrote Nick.


This came days after he announced the birth of his soon.

Taking to Twitter, the radio presenter shared a photo of his son’s tiny hand, noting that he was overjoyed to be a dad.

“Best gift ever nice to meet you son! My mini me. I am Soo overjoyed,” wrote Nick.

This came two years after Nick announced the death of his unborn baby.

“The countdown to your birthday cut short. Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball! But it is what it is, lil’ J’lani R.I.P. My son didn’t make it to see this beautiful world,” wrote Nick.

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