Notable automobile manufacturers in Africa

The demand for automobiles in Africa is very high and millions of cars are imported into the continent on a monthly basis yet the improvement of our indigenous car manufacturing companies hasn’t been so rapid compared to the demand of cars on the continent.

However, a few indigenous companies are making a lot of effort to try to take over the African market and make automobile vehicles more affordable. Here is a list of the top 10 African car manufacturing companies in Africa.

Arab American Vehicles

Arab American Vehicles is an Egyptianautomobile manufacturer based in Cairo, Egypt. The company manufactures various vehicles under license from Daimler AG, Kia, Stellantis and Toyota, having begun as a joint venture between the Arab Organization for Industrialization (51%) and the Chrysler Group LLC (49%).

On 14 December 1978, production began with the military and civilian vehicles

Kantanka cars

Kantanka Automobile, a Ghana based automotive company that designs, manufactures, assembles and sells automobiles established in 1994 by Kwadwo Safo Kantanka.

The manufacturer incorporates as a limited liability into the manufacturing of automotive components and their combination with other parts outsourced from component suppliers to form a complete built unit.

In 1998, the first complete built unit (CBU) was manufactured using over 75% of local components, locally manufactured including the engine block. By 2006, the first SUV, the Onantefo, was manufactured.

Mobius Motors

Mobius Motors Kenya Ltd is a Kenyan automobile startup founded in 2010 to manufacture vehicles for the African market.

Incorporated in the United Kingdom in 2010 and registered in Kenya in 2011, Mobius Motors is the only automobile company in Kenya and one of the two automobile companies in the East African region.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing

The Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company was founded by Nigerian born entrepreneur, Innocent Chukwuma. They are the first technology company to manufacture cars in Nigeria.

Innoson has produced at least 500 Nigeria-made cars at the cost of between. Due to its wide range production, Innoson attracts patronage also from the Nigerian government.

Ghabbour Group

The Ghabbour Group is an Egyptian manufacturer of automobiles, buses, trucks and motorcycles located in Cairo. The company was founded in 1960 by the brothers Kamal and Sadek Ghabbour because they realized that the automotive sector was a growing market.

In its early days the company was named Ghabbour Brothers. Formerly, the group was manufactured Saviem (later RVI) vehicles. Today the Group manufactures vehicles for numerous brands such as: Bajaj Auto, Hyundai and Volvo.

With an annual output of 150,000 units, the Ghabbour Group is currently the largest automobile manufacturer in Egypt.

Kiira Motors Corporation

Kiira Motors Corporation or KMC is a State Enterprise in Uganda established to champion the Development of the Domestic Automotive Value Chain for job and wealth creation and commercialize the Kiira Electric Vehicle Project.

The Equity Partners are Government of Uganda represented by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation holding 96% of the initial stock and Makerere University holding 4%.

Africa’s first electric vehicle was developed under the Kiira Electric Vehicle Project in 2011

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