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PHOTOS: Family Moves With Coffin In Town To Raise Money For Kin’s Burial

A family in Nyeri has been grappling with lack of money to organize a send-off for their beloved one who died more than a month ago.

The deceased whose name is Robert Mbaoni died with a huge medical bill accruing on his name, making it hard for his family to proceed with the burial, until the bill is cleared.

Their efforts to plead with the hospital he was in before his death to lower the bill have been futile.

The bill shot to Ksh 1.3 million an amount the family is unable to clear. They organized a fundraiser and managed to raise Ksh. 300,000 which would not be enough even after adding Ksh. 159,000 remitted by NHIF.

They resorted to walk the streets of Nyeri town to attract well-wishers who would contribute towards Mbaoni’s funeral.

They moved with the coffin being towed by donkeys as they pleaded for help from puzzled bystanders.

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