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Pig Gives Birth To A ‘Human’ Like Piglet

Photos of a “human” piglet delivered by a pig in South Africa has gone viral on social media. In June 2017, a similar incident was reported in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province where a sheep supposedly gave birth to “human babies”.

Along with photographs of the deformed creature, lots of theories circulated of how they came to be.

In the recent case, social media users accused the owner of having had sex with the pig. In the Eastern Cape, people believed the stillborn lamb was a product of witchcraft or the work of the devil

“It is biologically impossible for humans to cross-breed with pigs,” a senior lecturer in Pretoria said.

“In genetic terms, each species has a unique number of chromosomes,” she explained. “Some species, such as horses and donkeys, are related and have very similar chromosome numbers (62 versus 64), and thus can breed and produce live offspring.

“However, humans have 46 chromosomes, while pigs have a total of 38. Given this, it is impossible for these species to even produce a viable embryo or foetus , let alone offspring.”

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