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Questions After Mutilated Body Of Rachel Ruto’s Assistant Is Found

The family of Deputy President William Ruto is yet to find itself at the center of murder after the body of one Cynthia Mwikali who had been reported missing was found on Friday.

The deceased was reported missing only for her body to be found days later in a thicket believed to be in Tsavo with reportedly some of the body parts missing.

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She is said to have fallen at loggerheads with the DP’s family after she leaked information regarding the shambles that had befallen the family.

Earlier this week, there had been reports of Mr. Ruto having been in a feud with his wife Rachel whom he injured after things got out of hand after their disagreement. Mrs. Ruto presumably fled their Karen home to escape the wrath of the country’s number two. She was out to seek a physician to help nurse her wounds after the DP avowedly got physical with her.

Aged 27 by the time of her missing and subsequently her death, Mwikali had worked as an aide to Mrs. Ruto.

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