‘Tanga Tanga’ Clash With ‘Kieleweke’ Legislators Over Ruto’s Impeachment

Tens of legislators allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Party leader on Wednesday held a presser at parliament buildings to ask of DP William Ruto’s resignation for what they say is the DP depicting a “reprehensible conduct”.

They condemned the DP for undermining various state agencies that are anchored in the 2010 constitution going contrary to the provisions in his office as the President’s assistant.

“The Deputy President William Ruto has declared war against established state institutions some of them which are creatures of the Constitution, just like his high office,” the legislators said.

“The Deputy President has questioned the capacity and mandate of the investigatory and prosecutorial organs of state. These persistent attacks have targeted numerous public officers including Fred Matiangi, Karanja Kibicho, George Kinoti and Noordin Haji who serve at the core of public service functions and operations,” the pro-Uhuru legislators (both from the National Assembly and the Senate) added.

The legislators went on to accuse the Deputy President of absolute guilt as regards public misconduct and grave malpractices that have made him not to live up to the oath of office that he swore to before assuming office.

They concluded by demanding the Deputy President to step down.

“THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS leaves William Ruto with no option but resign from the office and position of Deputy President. He must shape up or ship out. He needs time and undivided attention to pursue the only thing and ambition that makes sense and has meaning in his life – Dream, and Campaign for the 2022 presidential elections,” the legislators said.

No sooner had the pro-Uhuru and Raila brigade completed their address than their counterparts from DP Ruto’s camp ganged up for a rebuttal.

They dared the legislators to proceed with their ouster motion saying they are ready to counter.

“Bring it on! We are ready like yesterday, we are even ready for parliament’s dissolution,” Mohamed Ali, Nyali MP.

“Uhuru has the prerogative powers to reshuffle the cabinet. He should proceed and name Raila. He should stop these shenanigans,” Moses Kuria, Gatundu South MP.

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