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PHOTOS: The Man Caught On Video Defiling “Niece” Arrested In Kericho

The man who filmed himself having an intercourse with an underage girl alleged to be his niece has been arrested in Kericho on his way to hiding.

Identified as Patrick Ayoyi Anjuga, the man was seen in the viral video sexually engaging the teen igniting uproar among netizens who called on police to pursue and arrest him.

The man went on defiling the teen for nearly half an hour without having to think of the magnitude of the heinous act he was conducting.

He, after all, deleted his Facebook account and tried to escape into hiding after learning of the charges ahead should the police get hold of him.

The young girl whose age is still a mystery is said to have toured the man’s house to stay with his family before he turned into a beast and defiled her.

He was arrested in the outskirts of Kericho town and is currently being held at Nyagacho Police Station awaiting prosecution.

Regardless of age or consent, incest is an offence in regards to the Sexual Offenses Act. The perpetrator risks of having incest charges being preferred against him.

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