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Ugandan Men Excited By The Arrival Of Afghan Female Refugees

Ugandan men have taken to social media to hilariously welcome Afghanistan women following reports that the country will temporarily host 2,000 Afghan refugees. Ugandan men excited by the arrival of Female Afghan refugees.

On Monday, August 16, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni okayed a request by the US to host Afghan refugees because of the East African nation’s longstanding history and tradition of hosting refugees and other people in need.

The men, who could not hide their extreme happiness, spent better part of their day on Twitter to pray for the safe landing of female Afghanistan refugees, a move that has caught Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development Betty Amongi’s attention.

They have promised total support and cooperation with the government to accommodate the refugees.

The Afghan refugees have been forced to flee their nation after Taliban soldiers took over the capital city and the Presidential Palace. The Taliban group has a history of violating women rights prompting the mass exodus of the female population. The group has however ascertained that they will uphold women rights and press freedom.

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