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Ugandan Woman Marries 3 Husbands and Gives Them Homes

One Ugandan woman has surprised many as she decided to get married to three men and allocating a hut to each husband.

Anne Grace Aguti, a mother of three children, defended her actions claiming that she was “married like other women”. Her initial desire was to be married to a tender, loving husband who would provide for her needs but ended up being the breadwinner in her first marriage.

My husband was useless and I remained the breadwinner. When I left him, I started looking for that special someone, but I have not yet found him because even now, I have to feed the men that I have. So, my search continues

Anne Aguti

This saw her leading a number of men to her home who became her husbands and take turns to sleep with her. The three men, Richard Alich, Michael Enyaku, and John Peter Oluka, say that they have no problem with the arrangement.

According to them, Aguti is the head of the family and they dine together during meals, obey her instructions, and observe a conjugal rights roster.

Aguti’s father, Pastor Peter Ogwang, was upset by her actions and is said to have mobilized clan members of Amugagara to intervene. Her father notes that none of the husbands living with her has officially been introduced to him.

The local council and clan ruled that each of the men returns to their respective villages. They were also told that if they want to return as husbands, they should come officially with identification and introduce themselves to the local authorities at Amugagara.

According to reports, the men left vowing to return with the required credentials. One of the husbands, Enyaku, is said to have settled back with Aguti.

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