Viral video of door-less car speeding on a busy road sparks debate

A video showing a door-less car on a busy highway has emerged on social media sparking reactions among its users.

In the clip, two men – a driver and a passenger – could be seen in the car as it speeds past other motorists.

The occupants of the car went about their own business not minding other motorists’ opinions.

@adeyemi3077: Why is this country not on Netflix yet? I keep searching for it

@zoey.forreal_: One person will think this country has progressed then you will see another ridiculous stuff like this somewhere else

@josephineokon07: I hope they don’t fall in portholes that will sway them

@brandstoryteller_: If this country had a working system, this vehicle would have been impounded but we are in UAR. This is really dangerous

In a separate report, a man sparked a debate on social media after driving around a busy road with a snake on his car.

In a clip widely shared on social media, the man could be seen driving with a huge snake curled near the windscreen of his convertible car.

Further, the video showed the man trying to calm his snake as it moved to face him attracting a huge crowd by the roadside.

The man and a passenger seated inside the black convertible car went about their business as bystanders record the incident.

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