Wahu: Why I Almost Divorced Nameless

Singer Wahu Kagwi, popularly known as Wahu has disclosed why she almost divorced her musician husband David Mathenge, alias Nameless.

Speaking on the latest episode of their reality show dubbed, This Love, the singer stated that she almost left her marriage due to their religious indifferences.

At the time, Wahu explained that she was a born again Christian but Nameless, on the other hand, was not saved.

This fact elicited a debate amongst Wahu’s friends who thought he was not good enough for her.

“I have always been born again and of course with my friends they did not like the fact that he was not saved also, one time I told him it was over. Then he wrote in my journal saying he did not understand why he was not good for me,” Wahu said.

In 2019, Nameless spoke on his attempt to call it quits with Wahu when they were expecting their first child.

He disclosed that they had just done their wedding when Wahu got pregnant.

“When we got married, we had no strategy. There were many ups and downs and at times, the pressure was too much. See, my wife fell pregnant almost immediately after our wedding and you know how cranky they can be. I think I was not fully prepared. One day, I packed my things and wanted to leave ,” he said.

He added;

“Looking back, it has been a journey. The most challenging thing in our marriage was trying to understand our differences. It was until I read the book, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ and I knew there were things I needed to change.”

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