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Was Judge Sankale Kantai Chewing Sarah Cohen?

Appellate Judge Sankale Ole Kantai was summoned on Friday for grilling at the DCI headquarters located at Kiambu Road.

That was after assertions surfaced that the judge had been siding with Sarah Cohen to sabotage the case of her late husband Tob Cohen’s murder, in which she is the prime suspect.

Sarah is alleged to have found help from Sankale who offered to assist her in re-writing police statements in the case.

It was however noted that their relationship was more than just the judge helping her, there being beliefs the two were engaging each other intimately, going by the sexting messages between them exposed by a local daily.

“Good morning. Driver left five minutes ago. he is coming for you,”

Judge Sankale allegedly wrote.

“Ok love,”

Sarah Cohen allegedly responded.

“Pack mosquito repellant if you have,”

Judge Sankale

“Done… Hi.. Driver has picked,”

Sarah Cohen

Did you get medicated or shall I pick something en route once landed… We are boarding now,”

Sarah Cohen

“I have a cough syrup and lozenges. There is no steam bath here,”

Judge Sankale

This happened as Sarah Cohen was flying to Kisumu to meet the said judge who was gracing a seminar. He allegedly paid for her air ticket through MPESA, meeting later at the Kisumu Aqua Pool Bar, the date lasting for two days.

Sarah boarded a Kisumu-bound aircraft from Wilson Airport in Nairobi.

She is said to have sent the judge copies of police reports for him to edit in her favor.

“This is what the police have recorded, peruse, add?remove what is necessary and return…”

A text preumably from Sarah to Kantai read.

Sarah Cohen is currently out on bail, and the new expose tends to work against her as the prosecution appears to have gotten instrumental evidence to effect the charges against her regarding her husband’s death.

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