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Why Juja Is The Most Feared Town In Kiambu County

Juja is a town in Kiambu county in Kenya. The town hosts Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.Juja is mostly inhabited by the institution’s students.

The town is majorly famous for controversial stories and occurrences. Crime has been on the rise in the dusty town due to its significant economic growth.

Juja has continuously experienced economic growth with M-pesa and printing shops, butcheries, supermarkets and hotels cropping up daily. This economic vibrancy has come with its own side effects with residents repeatedly decrying attacks by criminals.

Juja hosts a large number of JKUAT students. The institution has an enrolment that stands at 30000 but with facilities that can only house 2700 scholars.

Cases of students being mugged are on the rise and this does not go down well with locals. A phrase coined from time immemorial states; a threat to JKUAT students is a threat to local businesses.

Cases of students being stabbed have rocked local media outlets umpteenth times. JKUAT students have always taken to the streets to protest the demise of their fellow comrades.

Tabitha Muthoni Mwangi, a student,lost her life after being stabbed by unknown attackers. Locals trailed one of the gang members and lynched him in a bid to send a warning to criminals. Kelvin Mugendi,also a student, was stabbed by muggers who made away with his phone and cash.

We sought to highlight several Juja experiences that KOT shared. Several tweets painted a picture of runaway criminal acts and lack of competence of the relevant authorities. Some of the tweets read;

‘Today is the 3rd anniversary of the day I left my house one fine evening to go watch football only to come back and find it swept clean of nearly all my belongings. I have never healed. The things this Juja has shown me though.’

Gachororo is a hotbed of heinous crimes in Juja. There are gangs there baying for the students blood because most of them are unemployed youth who sought these students to fleece them of their property. It is sad that the community are turning against JKUAT students.’

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