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Why Patrick Ayoyi May After All Be Absolved Off The Sex Scandal Involving a “Minor”

After his arrest in Nyagacho Kericho County, police are currently climaxing on the investigations to launch prosecution against Patrick Ayoyi Anjuga who filmed himself sexually engaging a minor.

Kericho County Police boss Mr. Silas Gichunge confirmed the apprehension of the man with the DCI detectives liaising with their counterparts from the Child Protection Unit to amass evidence on the case.

Evidence notwithstanding, the man may be vindicated if his claims that the viral video was captured in 2017 are ascertained.

Patrick Ayoyi

The police boss sheds light by informing that if the video is really confirmed to be rooted three years back, then the said girl may have been roughly 20 years of age at the time of the act, hence not being a minor, thus having the suspect being released.

Gichunge adds that they will pursue a prosecution against Ayoyi if the real age of the girl is established and if she personally files a complaint of having defiled.

In the viral video, the man (Patrick Ayoyi) was seen having intercourse with the girl who was said to be his niece and a minor.

In his defense, Ayoyi said the video was taken in 2017 and had lost his device which borne the video. He owes the expose to whoever picked his phone after he misplaced it. He added the girl was not underage as thought.

The Child Protection Unit visited Kipkelion Girls High School where the girl schooled to find details as regards her age.

Mr. Ayoyi is currently being held at Nyagacho Police Post as investigations gain momentum.

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