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Xtian Dela’s Fans Viciously Attack Andrew Kibe After He Criticized Him For Posting Girlfriend’s Pregnancy

Former Kiss 100 presenter Andrew Kibe has found himself at the centre of discussion after he criticized social media influencer Xtian Dela for posting his girlfriend’s baby bump.

Kibe remarked that the behaviour reduced the Youtuber to a ‘boy’ rather than a man. According to the former radio presenter, who recently relocated to the United States, pregnancy should not be something to show off.

“Then there’s this new group if human beings who are celebrating. Ukiangalia mtu ka Xtian, tangu apate dem, hakuna content anatoa. Confused n#gga. What’s this bullsh#t of you taking photos of your naked girlfriend? What’s that?..We don’t give a shit..”

Xtian reposted Kibe’s video on his Instagram stories with rather subtle reply, thanking the presenter for his advise.

The slur by Kibe did not however augur well with Xtian’s fans. While replying to the Youtuber’s stories, the fans threw salvos at the presenter, attacking him for not minding his business. One of the fans took issue with the presenter’s failed career and habitual behaviour of seeking content by poking his nose on other people’s private lives.

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